Predictive Maintenance

Louis Allis offers Predictive Maintenance services which are designed to help determine the condition of your electric motors in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. In this way we can schedule corrective maintenance in order to decrease the risk of unexpected equipment failures. Our Predictive maintenance program will be custom designed for you and will result in less unplanned stoppages and increased equipment availability which translates into higher efficiencies and overall cost savings. You will also find that our predictive maintenance results in increased safety, longer equipment life, and optimized spare parts inventory.

The goal of our Predictive Maintenance program is to allow us to predict and perform maintenance at a scheduled time when the maintenance is done at the most cost-effective time and before the equipment breaks down or suffers performance losses. After we inspect your equipment we can use the statistical process control we have developed to determine at what point maintenance activities should be performed. When done properly our Predictive Maintenance program provides high return on investment by allowing you to lower your asset net present costs.

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