Building Specialties is Our Specialty.

Louis Allis has been in business for over 100 years. We specialize in manufacturing industrial electric motors for some of the most demanding applications world wide. For over a century the industries of the world have turned to Louis Allis to manufacture electric motors for their most specialized applications. There’s a reason why Louis Allis has always been the “First and Last Name in Electric Motors”.


Today, Louis Allis is headquartered twenty-five miles north of Birmingham, Alabama and is continuing the tradition of providing unique motors for unique applications, while also offering products such as a full line of NEMA motors. We welcome the challenges of large specialty applications and manufacturing motors up to 20,000 horsepower. Under our current leadership, Louis Allis has experienced tremendous growth and hopes to continue this trend throughout the twenty-first century as a world leader in providing customers with creative solutions for their most challenging needs. At Louis Allis, we believe that “Building Specialties is Our Specialty”.


A Rich History

The history of Louis Allis began in 1901 with the investment of a Milwaukee businessman in the small D.C. Motor manufacturing firm, The Mechanical Appliance Company. After increasing employment by nearly six times in the first five years of business, the firm began expanding beyond the D.C. world. The firm moved out of its original facility in a small shoe factory to its historic East Stewart Street property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where in 1922 the manufacturer officially changed its name to The Louis Allis Company. Louis Allis quickly became an innovator and market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty A.C. Electric Motors. Louis Allis was able to revolutionize many mechanical processes of the day, creating safer and more efficient machines that utilized Louis Allis products. Many of the industries that Louis Allis made great innovations in early on are some of the same industries we still serve today.



Louis Allis is committed to using the resources it has to make this world a better place. When you buy from Louis Allis you are not only getting a highly quality industry proven product, you are contributing to humanitarian and philanthropic efforts the world over.

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